Susan Bock is a leader in the field of creating transformational results for women entrepreneurs who are working way too hard for less-than-desired results. Her clients range from solopreneurs who are struggling to find their next client to the seasoned entrepreneur who needs to scale her business up or down. She has helped thousands of women business owners since starting her business in 2001.

She is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and has been featured in major media sources such as Entrepreneur magazine, Huffington Post and Women Entrepreneurs. Her blog posts and “TV Tuesday” program have attracted thousands of subscribers from around the globe.

Susan’s genius is helping clients navigate out of the quicksand of the daily grind that’s robbing them of their passion. Through her signature program called Monetize Your Uniqueness, Susan helps women to discover the magic to monetize their genius, minimize the amount of time spent working, and maximize their freedom and fun factor! You can find out more about Susan at susanbock.com, where you can download her 5 Fast Action Steps to Earn More and Work Less. Also, be sure to register for her interactive virtual workshop scheduled for March 12th, if you’re looking to step out of overwhelm and achieve the business success you’re desiring! Here’s the link to register: susanbock.com/client-magnet.


In this episode, I talk with Susan Bock, a leader in the field of creating transformational results for women entrepreneurs and creator of her signature program, “Monetize your Uniqueness”, in which she works with women to help them discover how to make the most of their unique gifts and talents to create a business and a life they love by doing what it is their passionate about to make a difference in the world.

I’ve gotten to know Susan through her amazing FB group, Loving Your Business, Your Life and Yourself, which I highly recommend to anyone wanting to surround themselves with a positive, encouraging group of entrepreneurial-spirited women. I also read a book in which her story “Happiness is an Inside Job,” is featured. The name of the book is Your Shift Matters, and it spotlights people who have made breakthroughs in their lives after going through difficult times. In her story, Susan talks about her lifelong struggle with feeling like she didn’t fit in, being misunderstood and not feeling worthy, which are feelings I can totally relate to, and how she got over those feelings of inadequacy by using visualization to fire her “head committee,” the negative chatter constantly going on in her mind. Many of us struggle with the negative chatter of our head committee, and Susan describes how this simple technique led to a complete mind shift in which she was able to find self-love and acceptance and create a much more successful business, and happy, fulfilling life filled with much more time to do the things she enjoys, thereby bringing more joy and fun into her life. So I’m excited for you to hear from Susan as she shares her inspiring story and some of the ways women can stop the negative chatter, find their uniqueness and create successful life they love, filled with freedom, fun and joy!

And starting this week, I’m going to be releasing episodes of the show every other Tuesday, rather than each week, because I’m going to be moving again in the next couple of months. So during my hunt for a place to live, which unfortunately can be a challenge here in Bend, and until I get settled in, I’m going to be creating just two episodes a month, so be sure to tune in to my next episode which will air on Tuesday, March 20th and then every other Tuesday after that!

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Karen Barrett is a life coach and the host of The New 30 Podcast, a weekly show for today's 50-something woman. She lives in Oregon and has 3 kids, ages 26, 19 and 8.

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