009: Food and Feelings-Getting off the Diet Roller Coaster w/Lisa Carpenter, Part Two


Lisa Carpenter, CNC, CSNC, Pn1, CPT, is the author of the new book Let’s E.A.T! the book for women who are sick of the guilt and shame of dieting. As a nutrition and life coach, Lisa empowers her clients to connect deeply with their emotions, free themselves from judgment, and create lasting physical and emotional transformations. She inspires them to wake up to Full Frontal Living™ — a new mindset of conscious ownership of the decisions we all make around our health and daily life, as well as the emotions that drive them.

With nearly 20 years of experience and an extensive background in nutrition and fitness Lisa fosters a deeply fulfilling life for the women she serves, free of negative self-judgement. As an empowerment expert and nutritional ninja, she helps her clients reclaim their relationship with themselves and their

Her work acknowledges the deep connection between food and feelings, and she helps her clients experience freedom from the constraints of traditional dieting. Her own personal family journey with addiction and codependency also plays a role in her teachings, as so often unhealthy relationships with food are caused by compulsive and numbing behaviors.

The creator of the E.A.T! Program, her signature weight loss and nutrition program, Lisa has been featured on CBC radio and news and was voted as one of the top online weight loss programs and coaches in 2016. She has spoken before many groups, including dentists, teachers, breast cancer
survivors, runners, Ironman competitors, and other fitness professionals. Additionally, she has graced the competitive fitness and figure stage, placing first multiple times, along with a top-10 national level placing at the Fitness Universe competition.

Lisa is also a loving wife and proud mother of three boys. She and her family live in Vancouver, BC. You can find out more about Lisa at lisacarpenter.ca and contact her at lisa@lisacarpenter.ca. Lisa’s book Let’s E.A.T! is now available for purchase on Amazon.


In this episode, Part Two of my interview with Lisa Carpenter, we pick up where we left off last week, with Lisa talking to me about how to overcome the issues I’ve had with yo-yo dieting for the last 20 years or so. Lisa calls me out for being so hard on myself and questions why, if we take care of the things we love, we don’t take care of our bodies, even though it’s the vehicle that we do life in. She also talks about how our bodies will only put up with so much abuse before we start to suffer the consequences and how dieting is often used as a way to prove to ourselves that we’re still in control, and just a distraction to prevent us from thinking about things that are upsetting up in our lives. And finally, Lisa talks about how nothing will change until we take radical responsibility for our relationship with our body and with food, which means no longer looking for what is going to fix us, but looking at the relationship we have with ourselves from the inside out!

Lisa’s words were exactly what I needed to hear, when I needed to hear them…as always seems to be the case. I’m excited to say that I received my copy of Lisa’s book and started reading it and can’t wait to learn more about how I can learn to get a grip on my realationship with food and most importantly, my feelings for myself. If you struggle with yo-yo dieting and are ready to just get a handle on it for once and for all, then I highly recommend you check out Lisa’s book.

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Karen Barrett is a life coach and the host of The New 30 Podcast, a weekly show for today's 50-something woman. She lives in Oregon and has 3 kids, ages 26, 19 and 8.

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