003: Worrier to Warrior-Coping With Anxiety w/Lisa Dumas


Lisa Dumas is a yoga and meditation instructor, personal coach and creator of the Worrier to Warrior Workshop and Retreat. Lisa has healed a long battle with disordered panic and anxiety, using the tools she gained through her practice of yoga. Because yoga has been so powerful for her, she’s spent the last decade sharing its gifts with others and continuing her studies in yoga, psychology and personal development. In the Worrier to Warrior Workshop she shares the techniques that changed her life. She also works one on one with clients to help them shift shame, reconnect with their bodies and cultivate a kinder inner commentary and teaches yoga classes in Vancouver.



In this episode I talk with Lisa Dumas about coping with anxiety. Anxiety and chronic worry are issues that plague many women in mid-life as we find ourselves pulled in many different directions. We worry about how our kids are doing now that they’re becoming more independent, away at college or living on their own. We worry about our parents as they face health issues and the possibility of becoming less independent and needing more help. We worry about our jobs or financial stability as we decide to start our own businesses, or maybe the possibility of not being in a position to retire as early as we wanted to. If you’re like me, there’s a never-ending list of things to worry about and this is something I’ve dealt with ever since I was a young girl, but am trying to get a handle on now, after all these years! When I look at pictures of myself as a kid, I see this little bundle of nerves and insecurities, which makes me sad because I wonder where that anxiousness came from and wish I could’ve found a way to cope with my nervousness and weird fears and phobias way back then. Luckily, I can just laugh about most of them now, but not so much when I was younger.

Lisa shares with us her struggle with anxiety and chronic panic attacks and explains how she has overcome these issues with yoga and meditation. Lisa talks about why she was anxious all the time and why so many people are.

She defines anxiety for us as a chaotic tumble of negative thinking going un-managed and unquestioned, which ultimately is a fear of feeling our uncomfortable feelings, and explains how we CAN learn to question this negative thinking and know that we are not our thoughts.

Find out more about Lisa and how to experience the Worrier to Warrior Workshop @ www.lisadumasyoga.com.

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