002: Coping with Grief During Life Transitions w/Laura Jack

In this episode, I talk with Laura Jack, author of the #1 best seller, The Compassion Code: How to say the right thing when the wrong thing happens. Laura teaches compassionate communication and is a grief recovery specialist, and so she and I talk about the grief that can come along with life transitions. This is such an important topic for women in mid-life, because this time in our life is often full of many huge transitions and life changes, whether it be the transition of going through menopause, children becoming independent and moving away from home, having to re-establish a relationship with a spouse after years of being focused on raising children, retirement, or a major career change. Many times, women can be caught off-guard by their feelings of sadness and confusion during these big life events because they aren’t really expecting to experience the grief that can come with these transitions. Many of us think of grief as it relates to losing a loved one, but as Laura explains in her book, there is grief that goes along with really any change or transition.

Laura defines grief as “the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior,” and gives us tools for dealing with these difficult transitions, such as being patient with ourselves and having self-compassion, which can often be difficult as we deal on a daily basis with our unkind, unforgiving “inner critic.” I love Laura’s book and all of the tips, tools, and action items she gives for communicating more compassionately, and will refer to it from now on whenever I need help finding the rights words to say to someone going through a difficult time. You can buy Laura’s book here The Compassion Code and contact her at www.laurajack.com.

I’d love to hear from you about a time when you navigated a big transition in life, so please leave a comment about your experience below. Thanks so much for listening!

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Karen Barrett is a life coach and the host of The New 30 Podcast, a weekly show for today's 50-something woman. She lives in Oregon and has 3 kids, ages 26, 19 and 8.

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